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Ready To Expand Your Business By Selling On Amazon?Discover How Selling On Amazon Can Skyrocket Your Business
Ready To Expand Your Business By Selling On Amazon?
Discover How Selling On Amazon Can Skyrocket Your Business

NO Web Site – NO SEO
NO Inventory – NO Business License
NO Out-of-Pocket Money!


 Free Instructions On How To Do It.

Many people don’t even know you can be a seller of physical products on Amazon and make a very good living for little to no cost. Selling on Amazon can be very profitable if done right. Amazon’s program is called FBA or “Fulfilled By Amazon“. It works basically like eBay but with some very special options.

Option 1: You can ship your item/s to Amazon using their very discounted shipping rates and Amazon will sell it, ship it, and handle everything for you. This the “Fulfilled By Amazon”  service. Of course, fees apply so you need to make sure your profit margin is high enough to support it. (Much less work involved with this option.)

Option 2:  You can list your item/s with Amazon and handle the shipping and any returns yourself. (Very time consuming but also profitable.)

Before I go to Option 3, let me tell you my story.

There are a lot of programs out there that are selling for a lot of money, teaching you how to source your items to sell. The majority of them tell you to go to garage sales, thrift stores, big box stores ect.,  and find markdown items and resell them. I did this and made some good money. However it is VERY time consuming. Some weeks you’ll find great deals and others you find nothing.  I wanted a steady income and this wasn’t cutting it for me. There are also a lot of so called wholesale dropshipping and offers for such lists. Believe me, I have bought into my share with much disappointment.  Then, by accident I stumbled upon a service the “BIG BOYS’ (high volume sellers) were using. They had a fee of less than $40 per month with no contract and a free trial.  I was spending more than that a month for gasoline looking for products at Wall-Mart and Home Depot. I still can’t believe what this service does. First off they have over 1.5 Million TRUE wholesale, dropship products and the wholesale prices are fantastic!

Here are just a couple of examples of their wholesale prices below:

Wholesale RC Cars

Wholesale In-dash DVD


Now For The Good Part!

This company will list up to 10,000 products (you choose which ones) to your Amazon FBA account automatically for you, ship the products when they sell, handle any returns, and put your whole business on auto-pilot. You don’t have to do anything other than spend the money your making, all for less than $40 per month and no commitment.  You don’t even need a business license for the Amazon option.  This is the true LAZY MAN’S system to making online profits. Oh, I forgot to mention that this company has basically the same service for selling on eBay for less than $25 per month. Any way that’s why I have chosen option 3.

Option 3: Go: to and open an “Amazon Seller Account”  if you don’t already have one. Then Go Here, set up a free account, check out the products and fantastic wholesale prices and start making some easy money on auto-pilot.

Tips: If you choose to go with Option 3, here are some tips that will really kick start your business.

1. Make sure to search Amazon / eBay to see if the product you want to sell is selling and for how much. If the product is listed, more than likely it is selling! You can check the sellers history to make sure. Here is a link to the Top 9 Best Selling products on Amazon in all of their categories. (About 284 items) Check them out here.
2. Even though you can have 10,000 products uploaded to Amazon DON”T at first.
3. Pick 10 products from different wholesalers. 5 with a final profit margin (after all fees) of $2 to $5 that you will sell for under $50. Then pick 5 more products (from different wholesalers) that are high ticket items and with a profit of $25 or more.
4. Your low profit items under $50 will sell better and at a much higher volume. Remember, Amazon will be doing the selling and they are Worldwide. A 1000 sales a week with a $2 profit each, is $104,00.  per year. Don’t under estimate the volume Amazon produces.
5. Do the same for your 5 high ticket items and see which is working out best for you, so you can decide to go high volume, low profit or low volume, high profit.
6. By choosing 10 different wholesalers you can determine the one’s that give the best service. Once you are pleased with their service and product, you can then upload Everything they sell to Amazon with the click of a few buttons.
7. Use the above system over again and after a few times, you’ll have a massive amount of products selling on Amazon and making a lot of money on auto pilot.

Advanced Tips: Once you get up and running with a lot of products on Amazon, having to change your pricing to stay competitive and profitable can be a pain and very time consuming. By this point you’ll be making a lot of money and may want to consider FeedVisor.  This is an automated system where you can set your range of pricing and it monitors your products and automatically adjusts your prices when need be. A very cool and good service.

Closing Points:  For those of you that don’t want to choose Option 3, we have articles and videos listed in the top menu and sidebar to help guide you through the manual process. Also, if you want a step-by-step method, “Amazon FBA Recipe For Success” is a great program and has everything you need to know to start making money. It has a 100% 60 Day money back guarantee, so there is no risk if you’d like to check it out.

Also, please check out our Amazon FBA Tips page. It has some great tips and also has a link to the top 9 best selling products on Amazon in all of their categories. (284 best selling products) This will give you a good idea of what is selling and what you might want to sell yourself.

If we can help you with your new business in  any way,  please click the “Contact” tab at the top of this page.

Good luck and many sales!

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Wholesale Drop Ship

This is the company mentioned in Option 3Drop Ship Wholesale


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